The Film Equipment Gallery Pte Ltd

Film Equipment Gallery Singapore


The Film Equipment Gallery is the sole/sub agents for many of the related accessories as listed here. Kindly contact us for any of your related products, parts replacement or new purchases.

ABC Products Germany Light Weight cranes & remote heads
Astro Japan HD Products
Beebob Germany Wireless control for lenses
Back Stage Equipment USA Backstage carts & trolleys
Beach Tek Canada Audio & mixers
Century Precisions USA Lens accessories
Cinematography Electronics USA Crystal high speed base
Continental Mount Australia Helicopter mounts
Cotech UK Lighting Filters
Chrosziel Germany Matte boxes & Cam accessories
Denecke USA Time Coded Slates
Dyna Batteries China Batteries & chargers
EWA Marine Germany Underwater housings, splash bags
E-Gripment Holland Cranes, remote heads
EZ-UP Tents USA Instant 60 sec shelters
Filmair South Africa Giraffe cranes, Dollies
Filmgear China Lights, HMI, Tungstens
Hydroflex USA Underwater Housing Systems
Indu Electric Germany Switch boards, cables, connectors
John Papas Australia Trailers
Kodak Eastman USA / Singapore 16mm & 35mm Filmstock
K-5600 USA Joker Par HMI Lights
Kish Optics USA Director's viewfinder, accessories
Le Maitre USA Dry Ice, Smoke Machine
Lentequip Inc USA Camera Batteries, chargers
Look Solutions Germany Tiny foggers
Matthews Studio Equipment USA Grip Equipment
Megadeck Australia Staging Systems
Movie Tech Germany Cranes & dollies
O'Connors USA Fluid heads, tripods
Orion Telescopic Germany Super Techno Telescopic Crane
P.Denz Germany Video Assist, cam attachments
P+S Technik Germany Camera mods
Photo Sonics USA High Speed Cams
Rocket Products Australia Textiles
Sobrante USA Clapper Boards
Schneider USA Camera Filters, accessories
Service Vision Spain Remote heads, wireless systems
Spintech Isreal Rain deflectors
Spirit Lights Germany Lighting systems
Studio Depot USA Consumables
Sync Cine Australia Computach Pixy
Thoma Germany Remote Heads
Transvideo France Wireless TV monitors
Ultra Light USA Lighting Systems
Unreel Effects USA Unreal Snow
Vantage Films Germany Hawk anamorphic lenses
Vocus Holland Matte box, accessories
Weber USA Crystal Generator Sets